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The International English Testing Exam IELTS has 4 sections Speaking, Listening, Reading and Writing. Get trained by AnB B2B partner of the British council most efficient Trainers and lecturers. You won't get better somewhere else.

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Structure of the course and Entry requirements.

English Speaking class IELTS SPEAKING
This section will prepare the candidates to getting set for the Official IELTS speaking section the Exam in a very determine period of time irrespective of the purpose for the seating the exam.

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Cost + Duration

Choose to either take 2 (79,040fcfa) or 4 (99,840fcfa) weeks training of this single section and be perfected now in a onsite and in a great conducive study area or online if you wish. Pay Now

Benefits of the program

Do you desire getting a Band 6, 7, 8 or 9? Then it's not an issue, it's yours. Get registered now and start your viewing your progress. Nothing is impossible with the British Council represented by AnB your preferred training, registration and exam area.

On-site Programs -