About the course

AnB International accompanies students who wish to study in business schools worldwide abroad and require the GMAT exam for admission. We put at their disposal experts who make sure to provide all the necessary knowledge needed to complete this computer-b

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Structure of the course and Entry requirements.

GMAT does test facts and rules, including grammar as well as quantitative concepts in arithmetic, algebra, statistics and geometry; critical thinking skills. All of these in four sections: verbal reasoning, quantitative, analytical writing and integrated reasoning.

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Cost + Duration

Choose how you will love to have your lectures: on-line - XAF 180,250.00 or on-site - XAF 169,950.00. Materials included, classes 3 days/week for a total of 6 weeks, flexible timetable for the students. Equally Book for your exam at XAF 185,400.00 and write at an Exam center within the available exam dates. But if wishing to write anytime, then you could write at AnB at an additional fee of XAF 30,900.00, as center fee. Write comfortably and anytime at AnB. Pay Now

Benefits of the program

Upon completion of the program, get the required score and a certificate by GMAC, valid for many years.

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