TOEIC (Listening and Reading)

About the course

The TOEIC (Test of English for International Communication) is a standardized English test oriented towards professionals and companies. The TOEIC is actually two separate tests, one which tests the receptive English skills reading and listening and one w

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Structure of the course and Entry requirements.

The TOEIC listening and reading test is the more popular of the two TOEIC tests. It is administered in test centers on computer and gives a score between 10 and 990. English reading skills and English   listening skills are weighted equally on this test, with half of the final score coming from each.

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Cost + Duration

Result reports are available in 3 to 15day after you have written your exams and its Score validity is for 2 years.
Total duration: 2 weeks (Monday to Friday), 2 hours/day

Cost: 180,000fcfa (Tuition + exam fees) Pay Now

Benefits of the program

• AnB International provides students with qualified instructors and ensures high-quality coaching that concentrates on the essentials.
• In addition to being partners with ETS Global and a certified  exam center.
• AnB International gives useful strategies and tactics that will help you during your preparation.

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