About the course

The Test de Connaissance du Français (TCF) is the language test of the French Ministry of
Education, Higher Education and Research. It is used to evaluate the level and general skills of
non-native speakers of French, similar to the TOEIC test for Engli

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Structure of the course and Entry requirements.

The TCF is composed of 5 modules that can vary depending on your objective and the steps
you take. The modules can be divided into 2:
-Listening – 25 minutes (29 questions)
The multiple-choice questions are asked based on a video recording. The section tests the
aspirant’s ability to understand common expressions and words.
-Reading - 45 minutes (29 questions)
It evaluates a learner on his/her ability to read conversations or articles. He/she is expected to
analyze the article and answer questions based on it.
-Mastery of the structures of the language - 15 minutes (18 questions)
Grammar and vocabulary are tested in this section. The questions given to learners will range
from identifying the lexical errors to choosing the correct language. You’ll have to use right
grammar and punctuation in complex sentences.
-Speaking - 12 minutes (3-part interview)
As a part of the speaking test, the examiner will take your one-on-one interview for about 15
minutes. Questions asked start from A1 level and go to C2 level of the Common European
Framework of Reference for Languages (CEFR). The examiner may ask you to talk about any
place, person, experience, and more to analyze your speaking skills.
-Writing - 60 minutes (3 tasks)
In 60 minutes maximum, you’ll have to complete three different exercises. The first task will
require you to write a small message of not more than 120 words. The second task comprises a
small letter/message/note of not more than 150 words. For the third exercise, a candidate needs
to write two opinion pieces of 180 words each.
There are a total of 699 points for each section that you take (compulsory and optional). The
final score that you receive is an average of the section scores. Results are valid for two years,
and an expiration date is indicated on your scoring summary. There will be a detailed
breakdown of each score.

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Cost + Duration

Total duration: 2 weeks or 4 weeks (Monday to Friday), 2 hours/day
Cost: 76,000fcfa (2 weeks/tuition + materials)
96,000fcfa (4 weeks/tuition + materials)
Exam fee: 220,000 Pay Now

Benefits of the program

-We provide our students with competent trainers
-We guarantee quality coaching aimed at the essentials. During your preparation, you will
receive practical tips and techniques that will help you become familiar with the rules and
regulations of the test while building your confidence.
-Our courses are flexible and can be tailored to your specific needs.
-Our center has a fully equipped computer room and a well-stocked library to support you.

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