About the course

The Test d' évaluation de français (TEF) is an international reference test that measures your
level of knowledge and skills in French.

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Structure of the course and Entry requirements.

The TEF consists of 5 modules that can vary depending on your objective and the steps you
Listening: 40 minutes (60 questions)
In the listening module, the candidate will have to listen to and understand the French audio
clips. The questions will be in multiple-choice questions format.
Reading: 60 minutes (50 questions)
The reading module will test the candidate’s ability to read, evaluate and understand written
materials. The questions are asked in multiple-choice formats.
Speaking: 15 minutes (2 topics)
The speaking module gauges a candidate’s ability to communicate well in French. Section A
consists of obtaining information in the test, and section B consists of conversing with someone.
Writing: 60 minutes (2 topics)
The writing module gauges the ability to express oneself in written format. Section A consists of
writing articles, and section B will ask you to justify and express your point of view in written
Vocabulary and Structure: 30 minutes (40 items)
The vocabulary and syntax test (LS) evaluates a candidate’s ability to use punctuation and
incorrect grammar. Even this paper is in multiple-choice formats.

There are a total of 699 points for each section that you take (compulsory and optional). The
final score that you receive is an average of the section scores. Results are valid for two years,
and an expiration date is indicated on your scoring summary. There will be a detailed
breakdown of each score.

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Cost + Duration

Total duration: 2 weeks or 4 weeks (Monday to Friday), 2 hours/day
Cost: 76,000fcfa (2 weeks/tuition + materials)
96,000fcfa (4 weeks/tuition + materials)
Exam fee: 210,000fcfa Pay Now

Benefits of the program

-We provide our learners with competent trainers
-We guarantee quality coaching that focuses on the essentials. During your preparation, you will
receive practical tips and techniques that will give you confidence in your test.
-Our courses are flexible and can be adapted to your specific needs.
-Our center has a fully equipped computer room and a well-stocked library to support you.

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