About the course

With the increasing demand of Computer skills in our digitalized economy, having first hand knowledge and good mastery in computer gives you a better footing and more openings when it comes to academic, employment as well as other purposes.
AnB Intern

Proximity (Online) Programs -

Structure of the course and Entry requirements.

Everyone is eligible to enroll for the program. The Five Packages offered are;
*MS Word;
*MS Excel;
*MS powerPoint;
*MS Publisher;
*Techniques on typing fast.

Proximity (Online) Programs -

Cost + Duration

Classes are taught either online or onsite. The time schedule is very flexible. At the end of every week Students are evaluated to assess their comprehension.
Total duration: 3months(3-4times a week)2-3hours/day.
Tuition a month (64,000 Fcfa).
Total Tuition: 190,000 Fcfa. Pay Now

Benefits of the program

At the end of the program, Students will sit for Exams, which will be based on their course work. Afterwards a certified attestation will be issued to them which is valid for many years. Equally their prowess in the area of presenting professional meetings, designing business cards and a host of others will be enhanced.

Proximity (Online) Programs -