About the course

As far as the French program is concerned, AnB International provides programs regardless of the limitations of the students. This comprises a 2 months Speaking program, 2 months classes in Writing, 3 months full French package with all four sections and

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Structure of the course and Entry requirements.

3 / 6 months full French program
This program is appropriate for anybody who wants to enhance their all his French language skills in order to communicate effectively for various occasions: when on campus, in their job, in their careers and many more. Thus, the program do not have any specific entry requirements; so it’s open to everyone from every background.

Proximity (Online) Programs -

Cost + Duration

Enroll at XAF 228,800.00 on-site or on-line and for the duration of 3-months; materials inclusive, and 120 hours classes holding from Mondays to Fridays. Pay Now

Benefits of the program

And the end of the program, an attestation is delivered to the learner. Upon completion of the program, the learner will successfully express him/herself at all fields of life – most particularly at the current domain he/she is presently involved in life.

Proximity (Online) Programs -