CIMA (Chartered Institute of Managers and Accountants)

About the course

• Full Meaning: Certified Institute of Management Accountants.
• Qualification overview
• CIMA has a total of nine subjects organized in three pillars and three levels
• Exam structure: Objective test questions which are written on demand a

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Structure of the course and Entry requirements.

• The operational level
The focus is building skills on short-term decision making. There are three courses that leaners are to complete at this level and after this level they are grated a certificate known as CIMA Diploma in Management Accounting
• The Management Level
The focus here is building skills on how to transform long-term plans into medium term plans. This level has three courses to be completed by learners and upon completion they are granted a certificate known as CIMA Advanced Diploma in Management Accounting.
• The Strategic Level
This level focuses on building learners’ ability to take long-term decisions. Learners are to complete three courses. The exams are only written in Feb, May, Aug and Nov.
• Assessment of Practical experience
Once you have completed the strategic level your last step before earning CGMA designation and becoming a CIMA member is to demonstrate that you have a minimum of three years of working experience which could be done during or after your CIMA studies.
• Entry requirements: Advanced Level certificate and for those with a degree are eligible to exemptions that will be decided by the board.

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Cost + Duration

• Initial registration 70,000XAF
• Tuition fee is paid per course which cost 150 000XAF with materials
• Exam fee;
** CERT BA 60,000XAF
** Operational case study exam 123250XAF
** Management Case Study exam 127,500XAF
** Strategic Case Study Exam 191,500XAF
** Annual Student Subscription 102,000XAF
** Subscription for students who have passed the Strategic Level 234,000XAF Pay Now

Benefits of the program

Open completion of the program you are granted an international certificate proving you are a chartered Management Accountant. AnB mentors you throughout this process.

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